Speech Sounds: Ages 6-8

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This is the third article on my series discussing speech sound development and when to refer a child to speech therapy. For previous articles, check out: Speech Sound Development: Ages 3-5 Intelligibility: How Well Can Others Understand Your Child? This article will specifically focus on speech sound development in children ages 6-8. If you have […]

Speech Sound Development: Ages 3-5

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Last week’s article on intelligibility answered the question: How much (or what percentage) of what my child says should be understood by others? You can read that article here: Intelligibility This article seeks to answer another common question parents ask: What specific sounds should my child be producing? This question is most commonly asked by […]

Arrival in Quito

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Ecuador: We have arrived in Quito, after several flights and almost 24 hours of travel. We are a bit weary, and feeling under the weather with the extreme change in altitude from Oregon. Soon we travel via bus to another city, where we will be volunteering at a nonprofit school for children with disabilities. It […]

Ecuador Cohort

Getting Ready for Ecuador

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Forty days until I leave the country with these crazy kids! I’m headed to Ecuador on a professional volunteer trip with these lovely, smiling faces. While in Ecuador, we will hold trainings on working with students with disabilities and will run a one-day clinic. When we come back, we’ll all know each other a whole […]