Decoding Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meetings

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Today’s post focuses on commonly asked questions about Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. If your child receives speech therapy at school, he or she is most likely on an IEP. If your child is on an IEP, you will know because you will attend yearly IEP meetings at your child’s school to discuss their service. […]

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Why I Love Quiet Toys

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If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably seen or seen a reference to the JAMA Pediatrics article on talking toys. More information: here. The study examined what happened when young children (ages 10 months-16 months) played with a parent with toys that a) make noise (electronic toys), b) books, and c) non-noisy toys. […]

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Life Lessons Learned Mentoring

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Over the past nine years of my career, I’ve mentored first-year Speech Language Pathologists, current undergraduate students studying Speech Language Pathology, and high school students interested in seeing if Speech Language Pathology might be a good career fit. For me, mentoring has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I enjoy mentoring and teaching because I have […]

Drooling in Toddlers

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Drooling is a normal phase of infancy and toddlerhood. If you notice your child is drooling more than usual, you have probably also noticed this frequently coincides with teething. Past the teething stage, some children persist in drooling. If your child is drooling, you may notice an open mouthed resting posture, or drool pooling on […]

Speech Sounds: Ages 6-8

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This is the third article on my series discussing speech sound development and when to refer a child to speech therapy. For previous articles, check out: Speech Sound Development: Ages 3-5 Intelligibility: How Well Can Others Understand Your Child? This article will specifically focus on speech sound development in children ages 6-8. If you have […]

Speech Sound Development: Ages 3-5

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Last week’s article on intelligibility answered the question: How much (or what percentage) of what my child says should be understood by others? You can read that article here: Intelligibility This article seeks to answer another common question parents ask: What specific sounds should my child be producing? This question is most commonly asked by […]

Arrival in Quito

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Ecuador: We have arrived in Quito, after several flights and almost 24 hours of travel. We are a bit weary, and feeling under the weather with the extreme change in altitude from Oregon. Soon we travel via bus to another city, where we will be volunteering at a nonprofit school for children with disabilities. It […]

Ecuador Cohort

Getting Ready for Ecuador

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Forty days until I leave the country with these crazy kids! I’m headed to Ecuador on a professional volunteer trip with these lovely, smiling faces. While in Ecuador, we will hold trainings on working with students with disabilities and will run a one-day clinic. When we come back, we’ll all know each other a whole […]