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November Links: Articles To Read For Parents and Educators

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Welcome to November Links: Articles to Read For Parents and Educators, an occasional series. These posts highlight articles focusing on parenting, education, and disabilities. I also include any other general articles helpful to parents and professionals working with children. This month, you’ll learn how a barber shop is encouraging reading, about a mental health crisis in our school […]

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Boo! My Favorite October Books for Preschoolers

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My young clients are starting to get excited about October! I’m finding that activities with leaves, fall colors, and pumpkins are a hit this month. I use books with my clients working on building language and speech sounds. It is exciting to use these books to help my clients better understand what happens in the Fall. […]

What Is The Growth Mindset?

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The Growth Mindset Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck is a book I read a few years ago. A friend told me I might like the book, and explained to me it defined a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. While I initially thought this book would be helpful on a personal […]

Helping Late Talkers at Home

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Welcome to the Late Talkers series. Please check out my previous two articles if you want more information on this topic. In my first post, I discuss suggested speech therapy goals for late talkers. In addition, you may want to read more about evaluations for toddlers who are late talkers. Today’s discussion centers on a […]

Goals: Late Talkers

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Is your child a late talker? Do you want to help them, but aren’t sure where to start? Are you a speech language pathologist who works with late talkers? Would you like to boost your goal writing and target just what they need in therapy sessions? Late Talker, Defined A late talker is typically defined […]