I’m Featured in the ASHA Leader!

I'm Featured in the ASHA Leader!

I’m featured in the ASHA Leader!

Since getting my first issue of the ASHA leader in graduate school, I always thought it would be cool to be featured. But I dismissed it as something out of reach, and reserved for those with PhD’s. Fast forward several years later to 2017, February Issue 22, Volume 8. My so-called “farfetched” dream came to fruition.

What is the ASHA Leader?

ASHA is an acronym for American Speech-Hearing Association. The ASHA Leader is a monthly magazine written for speech and hearing professionals. Currently, there are 180,000 members in the ASHA Leader community. The magazine is available in print and online.

ASHA Leader Glimpses

Each month, ASHA chooses an Instagrammer to feature in their Glimpses column.

My feature includes an abacus activity I use for articulation clients. The abacus is a colorful and fun way to keep clients involved in therapy. This activity is particularly motivating, as children can witness their progress. A photo of the activity was included, as well as my description of the activity:

If you’re working with a child who can’t seem to stop wiggling, give their busy hands something to do! It’s important to find novel articulation activities to keep children engaged in learning, but it can be a challenge. This year, I’ve been working on increasing my repertoire of tactile activities for active learners.
I enjoy using crafts and hands-on activities like playing with modeling clay or cloud dough and moving around the speech room. I found this activity on the Activity Tailor website. When working with an abacus, children feel proud that they can see how many productions they’ve completed. This client particularly enjoyed standing on a balance disc while saying his speech words. You can use an abacus to track articulation productions, practice fluency strategies, or keep points for self-correcting articulation productions.

ASHA leader glimpses feature

You can see the article here: Sarah Lockhart ASHA Leader Feature

For more therapy ideas, past Glimpses features will give you some great therapy ideas, for example: here or here or here.

Looking Back

The ASHA Leader’s Glimpses section has been a source of therapy activity inspiration for me in the past. I look forward to continuing to read this column for monthly speech therapy ideas.

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