Sarah Lockhart with Kitty

Hi, I'm Sarah .

As a private practice Speech Language Pathologist, I offer an alternative to services provided by hospitals and schools.

My sessions are longer, I devote individual attention to each client, and I personally celebrate every step they make.

I work with clients of all levels, from those with significant behavioral or developmental challenges to those who just need a little help saying the /s/ sound. To learn more, scroll down.


I Believe

I believe  in children and the hard work they do in speech therapy. Our job is to support them in that work.

I believe  that kids, parents and speech paths make a great team. When we work together, children make gains.

I believe  in listening to families and children when making decisions about speech therapy goals and activities.

I believe  speech therapy is best when we bring creativity to it. When learning is fun, kids are more engaged and it shows.


My Credentials

  • I’ve been a Speech Language Pathologist since 2007, working in schools and as a private contractor
  • I work primarily with children
  • I have a Bachelors degree from Southern Oregon University
  • I have a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology from Idaho State University
  • I hold my certificate of clinical competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association
  • I’m licensed to practice in Oregon, Washington and California
  • I was clinician of the month at THF February 2015